Having tasted Roberto's pasta my first thought is that I have never actually tasted pasta before. The texture and taste of Roberto's pasta creations is unique and I'm excited to know that it is made from all natural ingredients and I am surprised how much depth of flavour there is from using such simple ingredients.

It won't be a difficult decision to keep re-ordering for myself, family and friends; the hardest decision is which one will I choose tonight.

Diane Robinson,Waikato


"Roberto's pastas are great to have on hand for those busy days when you need a quick and easy dinner but don't want to resort to takeaways. I always have a couple of Roberto's Creamy Mushroom Fettuccine meals in the freezer."
Kate McBeath, Auckland

RD1 Ltd

HR/OD Team (Hamilton)

We had a cooking lesson with Roberto as part of a team building exercise- it was great fun and really encouraged team work. We made gnocchi, fresh pasta and tiramisu- all were delicious!

It was an enjoyable experience- we will definitely return and recommend this to others. Thanks for the great day Roberto J

Hamilton, 7 September 2012

From www.Kiwicommunicator.wordpress.com - 1 September 2012:

This morning we made our first visit to the Hamilton Farmers' Market.... We started by buying a coffee to get us going - and great coffee it was, too.


Next stop was Roberto's Kitchen. Roberto makes all his pasta and sauces from first principles. We can hardly wait for this evening to try our lasagna. It was hard to choose. The pasta with creamy mushroom sauce was tempting, too. I pretended not to see the tiramisu.

Cher Dooii (Hamilton):

Hi Roberto,

Wow is all I can say about the 1 litre Tiramisu I had on Sunday. I could not put my fork down and probably finished it within 15 minutes. Very moist and absolutely tasty, it certainly is the real deal and I will definitely be getting another this weekend. Thanks.

Roberto's Kitchen:

Thanks, very rewarding. It's all about good ingredients and 50 years experience cooking practice.

(16 July 2012, from Roberto's Kitchen Facebook).

Thank You Roberto
posted Oct 14, 2009 11:51 PM by Chris Fortune

Roberto provided Gnocchi for our recent Farmers' markets conference in Hamilton and it was great !, everybody loved it, it was fresh and tasty and hit the spot !!!

Thank you Thank you.

Cherry Dobson (Hamilton)

Hello Roberto, Thank you for the cooking class last night. I thought I should tell you that my husband does not usually like pizza and refuses to eat it. But tonight he has tasted your recipe and had 3 slices.

Thank you again. Cherry.



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